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A Colt

Luke 19:30 Saying, Go ye into the village over against you; in the which at your entering ye shall find a colt tied, whereon yet never man sat: loose him, and bring him hither.

A Colt Tied

A colt is a young horse who has never been broken.  A colt must be tied when it is young or it will run off and do as it pleases. Before a horse is broken, it needs to give up its will and submit to the will of its master or trainer. This colt had never been ridden, yet the first time Christ sits on it, and begins to ride him, he willingly submits to him.  We are much like this colt when we come to Christ. We are unbroken and wild. The power of sin has controlled us our entire life and for the first time someone tries to saddle us up with the gospel. Often we do not give up easily. There is a fight that often ensues between trainer and horse. This fight that ensues is similar to the Holy Ghost convicting the sinner.

Never Man Sat

The first thing anyone needs to realize before they get saved is that they have never been broken. This colt was not aware that anyone would want to ride him some day. The concept of someone sitting on his back never occurred to him. First, a sinner needs to come to a realization that he is in a wrong relationship to God. Has the Lord ever sat on you? If he has, he will be master of your life and control where you go after he takes possession of your soul at salvation. Do you even know that God wants you? Do you understand that God wants to break you so that you are a useful horse to him? You need to be broken first of your own will, so that you can come under the control of another. That only comes when you come to the end of yourself and let the Lord have his way. It is more than just salvation, it is losing your life so that Christ may find it in himself.

Loose Him

Next, you need to be loosed from the chains of sin and anything that is keeping you from going forward for God. It is hard to break a horse unless he is first loosed, so he can be trained. As time goes by, the horse learns to trust his trainer and soon settles down and comes under the control of another. At some point, that horse has a change of heart and comes to trust another for his instruction and control. The trainer can then introduce a bridle and next, a saddle. Now, the horse is broke and someone can mount up on him and ride him. Next, the horse is trained to obey the bridle and commands of the rider. The horse learns to not just serve his master but learns to serve others. The horse grows in wisdom and in stature. Soon, a well-trained horse can do many things and be a blessing to many. However, none of that ever happens until he is loosed from his own ways and broken by the master. You need to be loosed, as this colt, from the chains of sin and anything keeping you back in your Christian life, if the Lord is to use you.

Bring Him Hither

Last of all, once we are broken, we can come to the Lord and be of service to him. Often we try to serve the Lord before we are broken and ready for service. Many a young horse has tried to be ridden before he is ready and someone usually gets bucked or hurt. The Lord knows when we are ready to serve him, truly saddle broken and ready to be of use to some weary sinner. At some point, the Lord will call us, as a young colt, to do service for him. It may not be as grand and glorious a service as bringing the Lord into Jerusalem, but it will be some kind of service he needs us for.  Make sure you you allow him to work in your life. Stay humble and let him change you through the preaching of the Word of God. You then can be a well-trained colt who has been broken and made of use to the Lord.

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