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Getting Back Up

Proverbs 24:16. For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

A Saint – A Desire to Right

The big difference between the saint and the sinner is a desire to do right.  When the saint falls down, he does not want to be laying around in the filth and mire.  It is not a comfortable place for him to be.  The sinner falls down and likes it.  The filth and mire are home to him, just like the hog.  Unfortunately, we are human.  That means in this life we are going to fall.  We are not just going to fall, we are going to do it often and regular.  I think that is what this verse is getting at.  The difference is that the saint rises up again, by the grace of God.  The Holy Ghost of God convicts us of sin in our life, we get right about it, and go on.  That is how a good and just man reacts to sin that is creeping into his life.

A Sinner – A Desire to Wrong

The wicked fall and they end up in mischief.   When the wicked fall, it produces a desire to sin more, not a desire to sin less.  Sin has a powerful pull on you when you are lost and without Christ.  It is hard to get away from it.  It is similar to an addiction, like drugs or alcohol.  The reason many do not get saved is because they are addicted to sin and mischief.  There is pleasure in sin for a season, as the Bible says.  However, that season is soon over and the consequences of a life filled with sin begin to pile up.  It takes a supernatural power to overcome a life of sin.  The Holy Ghost must draw sinners and convict them of their sin.  At that point, they finally realize they are laying on the ground in a pile of filth and mire.  They come to themselves just like the prodigal in the hog pen.  The Holy Ghost can then deliver them as they trust Christ alone for salvation.

Getting Back Up

We need to get back up when we fall into sin.  I am not talking about the willful saint who jumps into sin.  I am talking about the saint who has a walk with God, stumbles, and falls.  It gets frustrating, after a lifetime of dealing with this flesh.  After you have come to Christ for the hundredth or thousandth time, sometimes you just want to give up and not get up.  But the Holy Ghost won’t let you stay down.  Saints don’t belong on the ground, they belong walking with God.  We need to be just and right before God.  We can’t be like the wicked and fall into mischief.  Let the Holy Ghost help you to get back up and go on serving God.  We serve a God of grace who wants to help us, in our time of need, when we fall.

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