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Headlights – Helping You to See Down the Road of Life

Psalms 43:3  O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles.

Headlights are a useful thing on an automobile.  They send out a light in front of the car and lead you down the road.  The average range of a good set of headlights on a car with low-beams is about 160, and with high-beams, about 350 feet.  That is not all that far down the road when you think about it.  It gives you about 3-6 seconds of time to make a decision when traveling at higher speeds.  But that is all you need.  You don’t need to see any farther, because 3-6 seconds is usually enough time to stop the car if you encounter an obstacle.

The Lord gives us light in our life.  Often it is just in the nick of time. However, it is always on time and in the time God wants.  The Lord gives us His word as the primarily source of light as the headlights of life.  It can get you down the road faithfully, night after night, in this world that is getting darker and darker every day.  The only issue is, we need to follow the light and take heed to it.  As the passage above states clearly, we need to let the Word of God lead us.  If we don’t, the light is not doing us any good.

When we take the philosophy of the world over the Word of God, we are not letting God lead us by His light.  When you take the television over the Bible, or the man of God when he preaches the Bible, you are always going to be led wrong.  You think you have light but what you really have is darkness.  Sooner or later,  you are going to crash into a ditch.  That is because you have a light or two out, and have gotten used to trying to drive in the dark by the world’s philosophy. We are going to the holy hill of God.  We are going to his tabernacle.  If the light you are getting does not lead you to a good church and God’s Word, you have bad light and need to get some new headlights soon.  They will lead you to the truth of God.

Photo by Thomas Hawk 


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