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Knowing Your Friends and Your Enemies

2 Samuel 18:21 Then said Joab to Cushi, Go tell the king what thou hast seen. And Cushi bowed himself unto Joab, and ran.

When the battle finally went down between David and Absalom, who David’s friends and who his enemies were was made pretty clear.  There were spies and enemies on both sides of the camps.  Cushi was on Joab’s side, but still in David’s camp.  Ahimaaz was working for Joab but was for David.  Joab was definitely not for David though he was his commanding general.  David always had a pretty good idea who his friends and who his enemies were.

What was amazing was David kept a good attitude toward his enemies.  I would have gotten rid of Joab a long time ago.  But David saw some good in Joab regardless.  He was definitely one of the greatest generals in Israel’s history.  But, like most people, when he got bitter about something like his little brother getting killed, he let that cloud his judgment.  Joab was not always loyal to the king after that.  He was the one who brought Absalom back in the first place with what looked like good intentions.

As Christians we need to know who our friends and who our enemies are.  We need to make sure we don’t get pulled in the wrong direction by kind words or deceitful intentions.  David was shrewd and not naive.  We need to have the mind of the Lord in order to discern good from evil.  At the same time, we need not be cynical and suspicious of everyone.

David had a good balance.  He kept Joab around because he needed a good general.  He just kept a watchful eye on him.  We are going to have to work around and be around some shady characters in life.  The important thing is we keep our heart right and be concerned about their souls.  You will not always be able to however.  The Bible commands us to live peaceably with all men and we should try.  Who are your friends and who are your enemies.  You need to love and work with both to be a good Christian.


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