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True Love Involves Rebuke and Chastisement

Revelation 3:19. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

True Love Involves Rebuke and Chastisement

We often think of love as something that should never hurt us.  However, the Lord made it clear that true love will, at times, involve rebuke and chastisement.  The Lord wants us to be zealous about our spiritual growth.  Growth is only going to come in your Christian life as you change the bad habits and sin that is in your life, through the grace of God.  Repentance is a change in direction.  If you are going to change directions, you first need to realize that you are going the wrong way.  That seems obvious to some, but likely not to you.  It takes time and effort, getting in the Word of God, and letting it reveal sin in your life.  The Bible is one mirror that you can never spend too much time looking into.

Becoming Comfortable With Your Christianity

As we let the Word of God and the preaching of God’s Word rebuke us and chasten us, we can begin to change.  It is likely that the Laodiceans became very comfortable in their Christianity.  They got used to going to church, going through the motions; all with very little change in their lives.  That is where the church is today.  We have become comfortable with our Christianity.  The result of this, is that the temperature of the water has cooled down to room temperature; and this is fairly easy to see.   We are now lukewarm.  We no longer have need of anything.  We no longer depend on the Lord.  As a result, we see no need for change in our comfortable Christianity.  If we do commit to a change, it is only superficial and does not stick.

God Wants Growth in Our Lives

The Lord promised to rebuke and chasten those who are his.  He loves them and wants to see change in their life.  Does the Lord want to see change in your life?  If you are saved and blood bought, the answer is yes.  He wants to see growth.  He wants to see you conformed to the image of Christ.  It is something you are going to need to work at through the power of God.  It is going to require some zeal, even in your old age.  The older you get, the more you need to fight sin.  Don’t get comfortable in your Christianity like the Laodiceans did.  Always strive to make the Lord first and let His love be preeminent in your life.  The Lord loves us too much to not rebuke and chasten those He loves.

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