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Old Path Baptist Church Pa

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  1. For the God of Israel hath not given us the spirit of depravity, but of gentleness and righteousness.

  2. Pastor,
    Greetings to you in the majestic name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that this humble and friendly message finds you walking in the favor of God.
    Pastor, God wants to increase you.He wants to enlarge your work and ministry,your vision and mission,your success and strengthen you to fulfill your destiny.
    Pastor, God has called you,chosen you and approved you for his great job of preaching the gospel and win more souls to God.
    God wants you to bring the un-compromised word of God to all who will hear, proclaiming the the Good News to all who will receive it.
    Pastor, No matter ,what you are doing,you are on a mission for God,with God there is no such thing as a mission impossible.when He send you to a mission He makes sure you have the means to succeed very well.
    Pastor, God had chosen you for a great commission and solemn work.
    We are requesting you to pray for us and send us teachings.
    Pastor, we are inviting you to come to Africa for the word of God. We need you to minister to our Revival and Reformation conference this year December 2015.
    May the Lord be with you, be blessed abundantly. i hope to hear soon from you in Jesus Name.
    Thank you,
    Pastor Stephen and flora

  3. Maj-Len Henriksson Skuru Finland

    C.O. Rosenius was Sweden’s most well-known evangelist and his writings have gone in million copies and been translated into a great many languages. Pray for all language versions so that millions of people come to salvation in the Blood of Christ and heaven. And that all money that has been paid for this goes for this to full value at right time. Jeremiah 32:27

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