The Church That Cares For Your Soul



North America

Mark Harwood – Canada
Mike Kronk – Wilkes-Barre, PA
Nick Serino – Arctic Alaska
Humberto Gomez – Mexico
Matt Johnson – Mexico
Roger Hopgood – US Military
Ed Bauman – Puerto Rico
James Hoffmiester – Trinidad
Buddy Maynard – Children’s Home
Don Case – USA
Mrs. Mona Thompson – USA
Rudy Stembridge – USA
Word for the World Baptist Missions – USA
Commonground Baptist Camp
Victory Baptist Press
Tom Geer – Children
Scott Crabtree – Missionary To The Deaf

South America



Rick Weimer – Germany
Buddy Duke – Germany
Craig Ledbetter – Ireland
Wes Neil – Moldova
Eric Kreh – Netherlands
Jim Van Voltenburg – Scotland
Joshua Leib – Sicily
Josh Stokes – Spain

Africa/Middle East

Simon Jacob – Pakistan
Jeff Porter – South Africa
Daniel Tsholowe – South Africa
George Kinsey – South Africa


Kevin Beier – Australia
Phillip Gaddes – Australia
Mrs. John Wheat – Australia
Helon Landingin – Cambodia
Frank Kinsey – Costa Rica
George Dubish – India
J.D. Enosh – India Orphanage
Matt Allen – Papua New Guinea
Bryan Girard – Papua New Guinea
Jason Russell – Papua New Guinea
Chad Wells – Papua New Guinea
Chris Baran – Philippines
Jing Batac – Philippines
Orlando Fajardo – Philippines
Rodrigo Valbuena – Philippines
Mike Roberts – Vietnam
Two Vietnam Orphans

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  1. we know J D Enosh and have been to India to minister. His daughter was just with us in March. in Him Gary Wilson

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