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A Bad Diagnosis

A Bad Diagnosis

A bad diagnosis by a doctor is a physician of no value. 

Job 13:4 But ye are forgers of lies, ye are all physicians of no value.

A Bad Diagnosis

A bad diagnosis by a doctor is a physician of no value.  If you have cancer, you want a doctor who will tell you so.  If you don’t have cancer of the liver and he thinks you do and ends up removing your liver for no reason, that is just as bad.  All of Job’s friends made a bad diagnosis of Job’s situation.  They assumed, based on past experience, that when ever something bad happens to someone it is because they are a wicked snake.  In their minds there is not an exception to that rule.  They were convinced that Job had some secret, heinous sin in his life and God was judging him for it.  The problem was because they misdiagnosed Job’s real problem, they were really worse than no value.  They actually added to Job’s trial.  It was bad enough he was going through all this.  The bad part was the “brethren” were adding to his affliction.

Based on a Lie

The problem with Job’s friends diagnosis is it was based on a lie.  When we do not deal truly with people, we often misinterpret what they are going through.  Why not just give someone the benefit of the doubt and assume the best of people.  At least that way you will always be on the opposite side of the devil who is an accuser of the brethren.  The devil definitely based his assessment of Job on a lie.  He assumed that the only reason someone like Job would serve God as faithfully as he did was because God was blessing him with a lot of physical things and good health.  When that was not the case as we found out based on Job’s trials, we soon found out the devil was lying to God.

Any Jackass

As my pastor wisely said “Any jackass can knock down a wall.”  When you see someone going through a trial, don’t be a physician of no value based on a bad diagnosis of a person’s circumstances.  Instead be a physician of great value and in charity pray for someone and give them a word of encouragement.  It takes a person of godly character to encourage and build someone up when they are down.  Don’t be one of Job’s friends and tear someone down.  Instead try and build someone up today.  Try and build someone up when they make a mistake.  Help them along instead of trying to be the Holy Ghost and correct every problem in their life.  I think the Bible says something about charity covering a multitude of sin.  Try practicing it today.


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