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A Clean Way

The Word of God is a clean way.  It has a cleansing effect in a young man or woman’s life if you listen to it.

Psalms 119:9 Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.

A Clean Way

The Word of God is a clean way.  It has a cleansing effect in a young man or woman’s life if you listen to it.  The Bible says there is a washing of the water of the Word of God that occurs in our lives.  God wants us to have a clean way that we go as Christians.  We need to regularly confess sin and get right.  A clean path when walking outdoors is something you choose and a clean way as a Christian is also a choice.  We need to regularly apply what we learn from the Word of God to situations that occur in our life throughout the day.  Application of the Word of God to our decisions in life is something that takes time and spiritual “exercise.”  You get better at it the more you do it.  That is how you take heed to the Word of God.

Clean Hands

You need to wash your hands as a sinner.  If you do not turn the water on in the sink, it will never wash the dirt off of your hands.  You need to be in the Word of God regularly in order for it to wash you.  You also need to scrub your hands together and use a little soap if you are going to get the dirt off.  You also have to do more than just read your Bible, you need to apply what you read to your life.  The hands are often involved in a lot of sin and hence the reason the Bible refers to them.  We need to be careful what we do with our hands and make sure when we sin with them that we cleanse them with a repentant heart and true confession.

No Dirt

You do not decide which dirt to wash from your hands and which to leave.  Also, we do not just pick and choose what we want to apply from the Word of God.  It takes spiritual “scrubbing” in order to take heed to the Words of God.  When you wash your hands and they are really dirty after doing some task, you really have to work to get all of the dirt off and out from under your finger nails.  You don’t choose which spots or which dirt you will leave on your hands and which you will wash off.  It is just as silly for us to live a “half” holy life.  You need to try and get rid of all the dirt in your life, not just what you think feels comfortable.  God wants a clean people that listen to and obey His commands.

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