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A Life of Faith

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

To live by faith, or walk by faith, is to have the life regulated by a habitual prevailing regard to those doctrines and invisible realities which are revealed to us in Scripture. A person may be said to live a life of faith, when the influence of spiritual, invisible objects prevails in regulating his judgment, his affections, and his conduct.  Dr. Alexander Stewart – Words Old and New

Faith in the Word of God

Faith in the Word of God is what drives a good Christian.  We believe in something we cannot see; however, it still drives us forward in our decisions and actions all day long, when we walk by faith.  When your life is regulated and controlled every step of the way, by God’s Word, that is walking by faith. 

Faith Has Substance and Evidence

Faith has substance to it.  Our faith is not a blind faith.  We have a hope that one day we will be raised in newness of life, to ever be with our Lord.  We might not be able to see, but a faith provided by the Word of God is our evidence.  A faith that is not based on the Bible is a faith that does not have evidence or substance.  It is a false faith and a faith that is full of fluff.  A faith you come up with in your head or a faith in something else, is not the right faith.  If you have faith in yourself, that is the worst kind of faith.  That is something that you can see and, therefore, is not faith.

Faith Involves Stepping Out and Trusting

We need to make sure that we live a life of faith and not always live “safe.”  We sometimes need to step out and trust God.  Believing that God has guided and directing in our lives in the past will help us to realize we can trust Him by faith in the future.  Once you have been through a few things with the Lord, it is easier to trust Him by faith for things in the future.  That is because trust is often built on experience.  That first time you trusted Christ for salvation, you did not have any experience to base it on.  Now you can step out by faith and trust God to supply your need, day after day, because you have seen Him supply, over and over.  Learn to trust what you cannot see more than you trust this world around you.  God will help you to live by faith if you trust His Word.

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