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A Quiet Life

Proverbs 17:1. Better is a dry morsel, and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife.

Daycare and the Mansion

America has not quite learned the meaning of this verse. A quiet life is the best. They would rather put their kids in daycare, work their tails off 60 hours a week or more, and have some placial mansion they only sleep in, and rarely interact with their kids.  They will sacrifice the eternal for what is not important. The eternal is of no consequence to them. The real problem is when God’s children act just like the heathen, and live for obtaining things. It would be better to just have a little bit, that God gives you, and have the presence of God in your life, rather than have a lot of things and not God. The more things you have in your life, the more they start to control you.

A Quiet Home is Best

Quietness is a good thing in the child of God’s life. Some of the best times in a marriage are when you are first starting out and have nothing.  You learn to grow and trust God. There are quiet evenings of fellowship, since you have no money to do anything.  You have walks together and a quiet meal. You learn to get ahold of God and ask Him to supply your daily needs. You grow in the Lord. Young people want too much, too quick. Getting things slowly, as you can handle them, helps you to grow. When you sacrifice your happiness and comfort for a house full of things, often strife comes along with it. It would be better to just be content with what you have, along with the presence of God.

Strife in the Home

Strife in the home can often be tied to financial strain.  That strain is often caused by spending more than you make. Living within a budget is critical to remove that strain. That strain will produce fighting and strife. You need to pay your bills and live within your means. Young and old need to learn contentment. Maybe you don’t get that vacation you wanted. You need to just live with a dry morsel once in a while and be happy with it. If you cannot be content with a dry morsel, you won’t be happy with more. The rich are some of the most miserable people you know. They often have strife and divorce and ruined lives. Live the quiet life and be content with what God gives you.

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