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A Stranger in the Earth

Psalms 119:19. I am a stranger in the earth: hide not thy commandments from me.

As for the things of the earth I do not set store by them, whether I have much or little, but hide not thy commandments from me, Lord, let me know the rule that I shall guide my life by. – The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment – Jeremiah Burroughs

The Christian is out of step with this world when they are living by God’s commandments.  They are strangers in the earth.  That means they are not well known.  If your contentment is in the things of this life, then something needs to change in your heart.  When you are ruled by the flesh, you will try to find contentment in the things and people of this world.  That is never going to happen.  Ask anyone who makes a lot of money or has the perfect relationship.  Soon, they find it does not satisfy and they find a mouth filled with gravel.  When we put confidence in the things of the earth, whether we have a little or a lot; we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.  What we need to put our confidence in is the commandments of the Lord.

God’s commandments will provide a guide for life.  It is the only thing you can trust in.  The more you try to find satisfaction in the things of the world, the more frustrated you will become.  When you think highly of yourself and think that you deserve much, you will not be satisfied with what you do have.  When you think you are nothing and deserve nothing, you are content to do without just about anything.  It is so important that our perspective is right throughout the day.  We need to remember where the Lord brought us from and what we deserve.  We are all sinners saved by grace.  Let’s be content where we are and with what the Lord has given us. 

I think a Christian should want to grow in grace and truth.  However, some people equate Christian growth with expanding ministry opportunities and “doing” things for the Lord.  Often, growth in the real Christian’s life may go unnoticed by most.  I think some Christians become discontented with the ministries God has given them.  They feel like they need more opportunities.  What they are really saying is they need their pride built up and need to feel important.  A good Christian is going to be a stranger in the earth.  He is not going to be well known in the church or in the world.  Some of the greatest saints in the church are the least known.  If you live for God, you are not going to have many friends, saved or lost.  Be content that God has made you a stranger in the earth.  It is the best thing that could happen to you.

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