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Are You Always Right?

Proverbs 21:2. Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondereth the hearts.

Do you always have to be right?  Even when we are trying to be honest with ourselves,  we often don’t see ourselves in a right light.  The Lord sees us differently than we see ourselves.  It says in this passage that every way we do something is often right to us.  Most people rarely will admit they are wrong.  It all stems from pride.  The Lord’s way around this dilemma is for Him to ponder or look at our heart.  The Lord is concerned with our motives and our heart.  If the heart is right, the ways will be right.  If the heart is wrong, the way we are heading is going to be wrong.

It is important that we see this deficiency in man – thinking that he is always right.  You need to consider first what the Bible says.  You also need to be ready to listen to godly counsel.  Having an open mind to the man of God and what he says, when he tries to correct you, is so important.  If you have already made a decision before you seek godly counsel, you are saying you are right in your own eyes and don’t need guidance from the Lord.  It is important that you keep a humble attitude toward the Word of God and let it speak to you and change you.  You need to know you are not always right.

It is also important that you let the Lord ponder your heart.  He needs to be able to look at you and convict with His Holy Spirit when you are heading in the way you are thinking is right, but really, is wrong.  Sometimes the way might not specifically go against the commands of God, however, when the Lord looks at your heart and your motive, it then becomes the wrong way for you.  There is just one will of God for your life.  It is a good, acceptable, and perfect will.  You need to let the Lord ponder your heart and convict you and change you.  If you do that, you will get off the way that you think is right and be on the way that God wants you to go.

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