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Are You Pliable in the Lord’s Hands

Psalms 25:12 What man is he that feareth the Lord? him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose.

Are You Pliable in the Lord’s Hands

Are you pliable in the Lord’s hands like clay?  This verse says that if you fear the Lord, the Lord can teach you in a way that He chooses.  If it is a way that He chooses then it cannot be a way that we choose.  Often we may not choose to learn things the way the Lord wants us to.  There is a saying that some people only learn things the hard way.  They have to make mistakes, suffer the consequences and then finally figure out they should not have done something.  If that is how God wants you to learn, then so be it.  You might learn a little bit more that He has for you in the midst of the suffering.  Often what we learn through suffering has little to do with what we are actually suffering through.

Let the Lord Teach How He Sees Fit

I am not saying you should go out a make bad decisions.  I am just saying that you should let the Lord teach you any way he sees fit.  Most of us are not going to grow much as Christians unless we are suffering and going through trials.  That is the way God chooses most of the time.  We need to be willing to let the Lord make that decision and then not get mad when he does.  Are you pliable enough to let Him choose how he wants to teach you and grow you?  If you truly fear God you will let Him do what He wants.

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