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Being Brought Into a Large Place

Psalms 18:19 He brought me forth also into a large place; he delivered me, because he delighted in me.

Being Brought Into a Large Place

Being brought into a large place by the Lord is a great thing.  The Lord can open opportunities for us to minister to others and be used of Him.  It is a wonderful thing when the Lord uses you to accomplish His will.  The Lord delivers us from our stupid decisions and sin over and over.  He has delight in us, not because we are something great, but rather because we were created in the image of His dear Son when we were saved.  I don’t have my own righteousness, I got His.

My Big Brother Jesus

I got my big brother Jesus’ righteousness when I got saved.  My Pastor often tells stories about when he was young.  He was very small and did not weigh much.  He would get in fights at times and because of his size would get beat up.  He soon learned that he needed some bigger friends.  He might not be able to take care of things but His bigger friends could.  That is the way it is with the Lord.  We are wimps when it comes to being able to handle the devil or this world.  Instead we just need to depend on our big brother Jesus to take care of things for us.

He Delivered Me

The Lord delivered me when I got saved from a life that could have been wrecked by sin.  He set my feet on a solid rock and established my going.  He has gotten me through many a scape and trial over the years.  He has kept me in a good church for over 28 years since the day I got saved.  He has delivered me from the life of a heathen.  He has brought me into a large, spiritually healthy garden where I could grow.  He knew what I needed and provided it.  He has been my bridegroom and has cared for my needs as His bride.  I got plenty in the spiritual sense.  I have been brought into a large place.


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