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Being in a Good Church – Keeping Your Perspective Right

Psalms 73:17 – Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end.

I have learned a lot in the church over the years.  I got saved because of good gospel preaching in church.  I have learned to have a walk with God, how to read the Bible, and pray.  I learned how to raise a family for God.  A lot of times I have questions about life and I get answers from good, sound preaching.  You need to be in church as much as you can to keep your perspective right.  We are constantly bombarded by the prosperity of the wicked.  This flesh desires the things of the world.  If you do not recalibrate yourself often with good preaching, you will naturally drift out of tune and out of measure with God.

David was amazed at how the wicked prospered in his day.  They seemed to always have the best of this world.  I don’t know too many billionaires who would give all of their money to foreign missions and the spread of the gospel.  Yet for some reason God allows them to acquire all that wealth and they will not use it to glorify him.  But when David went to church, it was there he figured it all out.  He knew in the end, that billionaire would be in hell.  He figure out that he would reap what he sowed.  But he had to go to church to get it.

There is a movement in this country that is anti-church and anti-church attendance.  My Bible says we are not supposed to forsake the house of God.  In Keenanology that means you are supposed to be there any time the doors are open if possible.  You can’t get what you need except down at the sanctuary.  You need understanding if you are going to live for God.  A good Bible-believing Baptist church with a preacher that preaches it straight and tells the truth will keep your perspective right.  It will keep you lined up with the Bible.  If you are not in church regular, sooner or later this world is going to pull you down, and like David your perspective is going to be wrong. When your perspective is wrong, your decisions will soon be wrong also.

So how highly do you value the house of God?  One way to tell is by your wallet.  People invest in what they believe in.  How has the house of God changed your perspective and changed your life?  It worked for David.  Are you a better person because of your church?  If so, you need to thank God.  A good church is become rarer and rarer in America.

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