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Being Thankful for Those in Your Life

Philippians 1:3. I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,

Being Thankful For the People God Puts in Our Lives

Paul was a thankful person.  He was thankful for the Phillippian Christians everytime he thought about them.  They were likely a blessing to the man of God everytime he passed by and preached to them.  They grew and were a godly church.  Like Paul, we need to be thankful for the people God puts in our life that help to build us up spiritually.  They may not be perfect, but, in some way they help you get closer to God.

Thankful Thoughts Help With Bitterness

Thankfulness is something that will help you keep a right heart.  Being thankful for what you do have shows contentment.  When we remember others, we should not think bitter thoughts or revengeful thoughts, but rather thankful thoughts, even for those who may be enemies.  There is probably something you could be thankful about for almost anyone, even if you are thankful that they teach you patience.

Thankfulness is Foremost to God

Thankfulness is not something that we should direct to others as much as we should to God.  God is the one who provides the people in our lives.  He allows us to cross paths and have the influences with the godly men and women who help us grow.  Try to be more thankful for those who God has given you.  The Lord loves a thankful heart.  Who have you thanked God for in your life today?

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