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Being Where God Wants You to Be

2 Samuel 15:25-26 And the king said unto Zadok, Carry back the ark of God into the city: if I shall find favour in the eyes of the Lord, he will bring me again, and shew me both it, and his habitation: But if he thus say, I have no delight in thee; behold, here am I, let him do to me as seemeth good unto him.

David had the attitude of letting the Lord do what he saw fit in his life.  Often we get very demanding with the Lord and start to expect things.  That is not the way we should be as Christians.  We should say like David that if we find favor in His eyes in a certain matter or situation, then the Lord will let it come to pass.  However, if the Lord does not find delight in what we are doing, then it would be best if it did not come to pass.  David was willing to let the sovereignty of God rule in his life.

The first thing David wanted was the guidance of the Lord on where he wanted him to worship God.  It is so important we are in the right geographic location and in the right church as Christians.  I would argue it is more important than having the right job.  David wanted the ark and God’s habituation to be where he was.

We need the presence of God in our church services.  The whole purpose of the tabernacle was so God could have a place to meet with man.  Of course the Holy Ghost lives inside the born again Christian today and tabernacles directly with us.  But a body of believers in a local, New Testament church is also a place God meets with man.  The Lord wants to meet with you today.  It is important that you are where God wants you to be.

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