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Depression – A Real Thing In the Life of the Christian

Job 3:20. Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery, and life unto the bitter in soul;
Job 3:26. I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet; yet trouble came.

Depression in Job’s Life

At this point in Job’s life he was severely depressed.  Depression of the spirit is a real thing in the lives of God’s people.  Job wished he had never been born.  He wished he did not have any light and wished he was in darkness.  He wanted to hide from all of life’s problems.  He is saying that he wished he did not have light when there was such bitterness in his soul.  His worst fear came to his life.  He was in safety.  God had put a hedge of protection about him that even Satan knew about.  In the end, however, trouble came and the resulting depression.  Little did Job know that things would probably get even worse when the “brethren” showed up and tried to help him.

Self Focus

Depression is a reality in modern life.  Many suffer from its affects.  I think we can learn a little about it from Job’s life here.  One thing that is apparent as we read Job 3 is that the focus has shifted from God to self.  He was wishing he was never born and that the day he was brought into the world did not exist.  He was saying he would have been better off if he had died in childbirth.  When we get our eyes off of the Lord and focus on ourselves and our problems, we are headed for depression and, ultimately, suicidal thoughts.

God’s Word the Cure

The flesh is naturally drawn to its problems and pain.  We have to, on purpose, rise above the flesh and overcome it by the spirit of God that dwells inside us.  That is not an easy task, especially in the midst of depression.  By putting the word of God into our hearts and minds, we have a tool to overcome the self-focus that depression causes.  We are able to get outside of ourselves and get back to the purpose God designed us for; to serve him and bring pleasure to him.

The Puritans Had Insight

Reading what some of the Puritans wrote helps, too.  They had an insight to the spirit and soul that does not exist today.  Musing about the things of God and His word will wash your mind and also help you to overcome depression. Ultimately,  Job’s life was restored and the Lord brought everything back to him in the end.  But what if that had not happened?  What if he had to live the rest of his life in the midst of the troubles he had.  I believe that Job had the integrity to grit through it, with the help of God.  In the end, that is what will get you through a depression like Job had.


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