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Desiring to Be a Servant

Matthew 20:20.  Then came to him the mother of Zebedee’s children with her sons, worshipping him, and desiring a certain thing of him.

Certain Things Are Not Always of Good

Much like James and John’s mother, we desire certain things of the Lord; though we have good intentions, they may not always be exactly what the Lord has in mind.  Furthermore, like any good mother, Mrs. Zebedee wanted what was best for her children.  She even came to our Lord in a worshipful manner, when she asked a certain thing. However, I am not sure her desires were aligned with the will of God.  Instead of wanting her sons to be servants, she wanted them to be the greatest rulers the world has ever known.  We need to make sure our desires for our children are not to be great leaders in the church, but rather to be great servants. A servant is not always the first position most people apply for in the church.

Desiring to Be a Servant

Do you desire to be a servant?  That is what God considers great.  Like the disciples, everyone in the church is fighting over who is in charge.  The line for “servants” is often a short one.  There is no competition for that position and there are always open positions available.  A servant is ready to do whatever needs done.  A leader is usually pretty particular about what he is willing to do, often leaving the less desirable tasks to others.  A servant just gets in there and does it, no matter how undesirable the task is.

Not Being Self-Seeking

We need to make sure when we desire a certain position, that it is not self-seeking like Mrs. Zebedee; especially, when it concerns our children.  Moms are great at making extreme requests for their children, even when their children may not be up to the task at hand.  If you are looking at a position with the prospect of making yourself look good, that is wrong right from the start.  You need to check your heart and motive in everything you do.

Being Willing to Be Used

You need to be willing to help with whatever the Lord sends your way.  Look for opportunities to help and don’t get upset when the Lord chooses not to use you where you think you should be used.  A servant does not care where he is used. He is there to move, sit, stand, wait, or do whatever the master wants, when the master wants.  He does not have a mind of his own but lets the master make his decisions. Make sure you have a servant’s attitude in all that you do.  A good servant is always satisfied with whatever the master gives him to do.  No job is too big or too small.  How do you look at the opportunities the Lord brings your way, as a servant or as a ruler?

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