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Do No Iniquity

The Bible tells us to do no iniquity.  We need to turn from sin and do battle with the flesh.  We need to overcome evil with good as we walk in his ways.

Psalms 119:3 They also do no iniquity: they walk in his ways.

Turning From Iniquity

Continuing on with our thoughts about the blessed, Psalm 119 says that they do no iniquity.  It is important that as Christians we turn from iniquity.  There should not be anything in a Christian that desires sin.  Yes the flesh will pull you to it, but your heart should abhor it and want nothing to do with it.  This is because the Christian knows the effects of sin.  You know that everything you sow in the flesh is going to cause corruption and destruction in your life.  As a Christian learns the laws of God, he knows more of what God likes and what God hates.  You become more and more sensitive to the things you do and the things you say.  This is why it is so important that you read you Bible regularly.

The Battle

The apostle Paul talks about the battle of sin in the body in Romans 6-8.  The flesh battles against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh.  They are contrary.  They are opposed.  They are oil and water.  The Spirit of God hates iniquity.  When your flesh causes you to sin as a Christian, it is not you that is doing but sin that still dwells in your flesh.  The real you, the soul, hates sin.  It wants nothing to do with sin.  The only way this is not the case with a Christian is if he has seared his conscience by continual, habitual sin such that the Spirit of God no longer speaks to him.  That is not a good position to be in.

Overcoming Evil

The main way we overcome iniquity is to walk in the ways of the Lord.  You overcome evil with good.  It is true that some self-righteous people try to cover up a life of iniquity with a bunch of good works to their fellow-man.  This is not walk in the ways of the Lord though.  That is really walking in the flesh.  It is doing good works just to make yourself look good or feel good.  Walking in the ways of the Lord involves dying to self and being pleasing to God.  The focus is not on your good works, your focus is pleasing God, putting a smile on His face.  If you are trying to earn favor with God with your good works, it will not work.  You walk with God because He first loved you.  You don’t want to sin because you don’t want to offend the One who bought you with His blood.

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