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Does the Love of God Affect You?

Love is an expansion of the soul, or the inflaming of the affections, by which a Christian breathes after God as the supreme and sovereign good.  Love is to the soul as weights to the clock, it sets the soul a-going towards God, as the wings by which we fly to heaven.  By love we cleave to God, as the needle to the lodestone. – All Things for Good – Thomas Watson

Romans 8:39 – Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The love of God is immeasurable.  When we got saved, the love of God was put into our heart.  It put us into motion as a “Christian.”  It is what makes us tick and do what we do.  It is not natural for human flesh to love their enemy.  The only thing that could make you do that is the love of God shed abroad in your heart.  When God set the love of God in your heart, you should love the things God loves.  God loves to forgive.  God loves sinners.  God loves to be merciful.  Do you love the things God loves?

Once your soul was set in motion by the power of God’s spirit living inside you, you will want to cleave to God because you love Him.  He loved you first obviously, but because of that you will love Him.  Your soul was under the weight and depression of sin before you were saved.  That same soul is now expanded and growing in the love of God each and every day.  The love of God will point you toward his Word.  You should be drawn to the Lord because of his love.  Does the love God has for you draw you to him?  It should. It should change your life and have an effect on you.

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