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Don’t Let the World Seal You in a Tomb

Matthew 27:66. So they went, and made the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone, and setting a watch.

Don’t Let the World Seal You in a Tomb

The world tries as hard as it can to seal Jesus up and make sure He does not make it into the hearts and lives of men, women, boys, and girls.  Pilate put a watch on the tomb, guards keeping an eye on it day and night, and they could not stop the power over death that Christ had.  We need to realize as Christians that we have the same overcoming power, that can defeat the foes of our faith, that was in that tomb 2000 years ago when the Son of Man was laid to rest there.  The world tries to stop us from going on for God in many ways.

The World Tries to Seal Up Our Speech

First, the world tries to stop our speech.  We are often intimidated by political correctness in this modern time.  Everyone is offended about something.  People have become so thin-skinned that they can’t tolerate certain words or certain people.  We have become a divided society.  That is what the devil wants.  God set bounds on places of habitation so that people would seek Him and get saved.  We have destroyed all borders.  Now you can’t say anything about anyone.  That goes for saying anything about Christianity, as well.  They have set a seal on the mouths of Christians.  Where people used to take time to listen to a gospel message, now they put up walls.  Though the devil has set the seal on speech, we need to realize that we are dealing with a God that is greater than the tomb and continue to be a witness.  The righteous are bold as a lion.

The World Tries to Seal Up Our Godly Living

Next the world tries to stop godly living.  It wants to seal you up by needing the things of the world.  It tries to stop you from going to church and reading your Bible.  The world wants to stop you from living for God once you are saved.  The devil wants to seal you up so you can’t do anything for the Lord.  The world and the devil want to have power and control over you in everything.  You need to break the seal of the world and overcome the flesh.  The world can try to set a watch on you, and bind you to it, but Christ lives inside of you and wants you to overcome the world.  The Lord wants you to live godly.  The devil wants you to stop.

The World Tries to Seal Up Our Praying

Last of all, the world wants to stop you from praying.  If the devil can seal you up and take up all your time and your desire to pray, he knows he can stop you from accomplishing much for the Lord.  We can’t let the world rob us of our prayer time.  It is important for us to fellowship with the Lord each and everyday.  It needs to be sweet and not something you rush through.  However, the devil wants to stop that sweet communion. He wants to bind you up in sin, and seal you in, so that you will not go to the Lord in prayer.  Don’t let the devil seal you in.  He has set a watch against you so that you will not watch and pray as our Lord did.  Don’t let the world seal you up in the tomb.  You have the same overcoming power inside of you that broke the seal on that tomb when our Lord rose from the dead.

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