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Finishing Well is What Matters

Galatians 5:7. Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?

It is Not How You Start

It is not how you start but how you finish that matters.  You can start off with good intentions, but if you finish in the wrong place, or quit, it probably does not make a lot of difference that you started.  The Galatians started off believing the gospel in simplicity.  They believed that by faith they could have Jesus Christ’s righteousness applied to their soul, and in exchange, Christ would take their sin.  A bunch of Jews came in and convinced them that maybe their old ways were not all that bad.  They tried to convince them that living under the law was a good deal and that bondage was a great thing.

Growing in Grace

That is the case with a lot of Christians, as well.  They get saved and start living for God.  They grow in grace and start to learn to trust God to supply their needs.  They learn how to overcome the power of sin, not by their own power, but by letting God work through them, using the hammer of the Word of God.  They live a life of faith.  Then some worldly Christian or lost person comes along and tries to convince them they are missing out.  They try to convince them that being in bondage again, back in Egypt, is a good thing.  They then go back to the bondage of the world.

Who is Hindering You

It is always a “who” that tries to convince people to go back to the world.  You have to watch out for “who” you hang around.  If they are going to hinder your walk with God and give you advice that goes against the truth of the Word of God, they are not your friend.  They are hindering you.  They want to keep you from running well.  They may not say that, or intend that, but they are being used of the devil to accomplish that very mission.  Make sure your friends are those who build up your faith in Christ.  Anyone who gets you to go against the Word of God is not your friend.  You may have started out well, but if you let someone hinder you, you are not going to finish well.


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