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God Knows Where You Are and Where You Are Going

 Job 23:10. But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

Job and His Trials

I have obviously been reading through Job or you would not be getting all of these blogs on Job.  Job went back and forth with his friends many times.  The events of the book of Job could have occurred over a period of one to two years according to Dr. Randy Pike (by the way, he has an excellent series he preached on Job right here).  When Job was going through this, he might not have known why but he knew the outcome.  He knew that God knew where he was.  He knew that God knew where he was going.  He knew that he would be better off for having gone through this trial.

God Knew Where Job Was

God knew where Job was.  He might not have revealed himself to Job or told him why he was having trouble, but God never lost track of him.  We can live by faith and know our Heavenly Father always has our best interest at heart.  When you have trials, you can quickly begin to think God has forgotten you.  It takes faith to believe that God still cares for you in the midst of adversity.  When you take the scripture at face value and believe it, whether it feels right or makes sense, you are exercising faith in the word of God.  You are telling God that you trust that He knows where you are at.

God Knew Where Job Was Going

God knew where Job was going.  He knew the way he was headed.  God had a will and a path for Job’s life.  That path involved a grave trial.  God knew how to get Job through it, and at the same time, not tempt Job above what he was able to bear.  Many of us would not have been able to handle step one of Job’s trials, but God knew that Job could.  God knows what you can handle and where you can go.  He gives you just enough to push you to where you need to go, in order to grow.

God Knew Job Would Come Out Better

Last of all, God knew that Job would come out better when the trial was over.  He said when the trail was over, Job would come forth as gold.  As a Christian, when we stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ, the only thing that will matter is what has gone through the fire.  It is only gold, silver, and precious stones that can make it.  God wants to make you better, but the only way that is going to happen is if he burns up the dross in your life.  It sounds painful, and it is, but in the end, you end up with something beautiful like gold.  You can’t get pure gold without fire.  We need to have something we can give the Lord when this life is over.  Wood, hay, and stubble are not going to cut it.  Like Job, you can have confidence that God knows where you are going and that any trial is only going to make you better.


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