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God’s Guidance is Only Available to the Humble

Psalms 25:9. The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way.

Pride Hinders Submission

God’s guidance is only available to the humble.  You need to be meek if you are going to accept rebuke.  If you are proud, it is going to be hard for you to be taught or to be willing to change.  Instead, you will simply ignore what is said, or get mad, and crucify the mailman (the one delivering the message).  The Lord will guide and direct us in judgment if we will let Him.  The first way that you could be humble is to submit to the man of God, your pastor.  Submission to the man of God is voluntary.  God cannot force you to obey.  Submission is something you give freely, it is an attitude of the heart.  The same is true of our obedience to the Lord.  He chooses to let us freely submit to His will for our lives.  We have to make a choice.

A Humble Mind Toward God’s Word

We need to keep an open mind as we read the Bible and let it speak to us.  The Word of God has to change your attitude.  It needs to cause repentance, or a willingness to change, in your heart.  That can only happen with a meek spirit.  Pray that God gives you a meek spirit so that he can teach you his way.  Guidance is, also, what we need in our lives.  We all have decisions that we need to make each and every day.  It is important that we are humble enough to recognize that we need the Lord in each of those decisions.


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