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Grace to Help

Hebrews 4:16 – Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Sometimes you just need some help.  You are going through struggles in life and God is really the only one who can fix it.  Often we are ashamed to come to the throne of grace in prayer because of sin in our lives.  But that is exactly the time we need to come even more boldly.  The reason is simple, you need to attack ungodly thoughts and sin in your life with vigor.  You need help the most when in the depths of sin.

The first mention of the word help in the Bible is in Gen 2:18.  God created a woman for Adam and brought her to him.  He made her to be a help that was meet or made specifically for him.  She was a customized model that was to meet his needs and not anyone elses.  I guess God did not check with the modern equal rights movement before he created Eve.  Just as Eve was a specialized help for Adam, so is the help we get at the throne of grace.  It meets our need just like a good woman meets the needs of her husband.  A good woman will make a man and a bad one will break him.  You need a woman who causes you to draw closer to God.  You need God’s help just like a good woman, always there, always faithful.

When you need help, you usually need it quick. In the verse here it calls it a “time of need.”  God may not always get us out of a bad situation but if we want it desperately enough and we come boldly, we can get some grace to carry us through.  Pastor Gary Biggs up in Michigan does a wonderful radio program on WBLW called “More of His Grace.”  Pastor Biggs will often magnify the grace of God as he preaches on his program.  We need to greatly desire having God’s grace to get through.  It sure beats wallowing in pity.  So next time you are struggling, try to get some of that special, comforting help at the throne of God.  It is the only thing that is going to help.  God created you just as much as he did Adam in the garden.  He has a special help made for you just as much as Eve was for Adam.  Why don’t you regularly take advantage of it today.



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