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Gracious Women and Strong Men

Gracious Women and Strong Men

God wants gracious women and strong men in the church of God.

Proverbs 11:16 A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retain riches.

Gracious Women

God wants gracious women and strong men in the church of God.  A gracious woman retains her honor.  She is not brash and bold, she if full of grace and truth like our Lord.  She gets the attention of the godly through a meek and quiet spirit.  She is not like the harlot.  The harlot is always in the street looking for new prey.  She is loud and stubborn.  She does not like to stay at home but wants to be out and about, always running around.  A gracious women is the exact opposite of the modern American woman.  She is a stay at home mom who loves and cares for her husband.  When you retain something, you guard and protect it.  You want to make sure you do not lose it.  A gracious woman wants to maintain and keep a testimony that is unspotted by the world.  A gracious woman is a virtuous woman.  She works hard to make sure that her husband and children are taken care of.

Strong Men

Strong men are what our churches in America are lacking.  It is getting harder and harder to find godly young men who just want to do right.  Video game junkies are what the average teenage Christian kids are turning into.  When these young men do get married to young Christian ladies, many of them never grew up and end up continuing their childish ways in marriage.  They are definitely not strong men.

Raising Godly Young Men and Women

I think in some ways many of the churches have put so much emphasis on raising their girls to be godly women, they forgot to put the same amount of effort into raising boys to be strong men.  Strong men are not sissies.  They face problems square on and look for ways to fix them, even when things are hard.  Godly young women are the same way.  Godly young men go to work and work hard.  They provide for their household.  They take care of business and the finances at the house.  They take care of their women and children.  They are strong men.  Strong men are the ones who retain riches.  The greatest riches they retain is a godly family.  We need gracious women and strong men in the churches of America more today than ever.

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  1. And it was the norm not long ago, but the adversary plan to destroy the family results are clear nowadays. Especially in America. Today America is the model for the whole world about feminism, abortion an men-boys as a cultural phenomenon, the same America that preached the gospel and sent missionaries all around the world… shame!

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