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He Laid Down His Life

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Jn 15:13

We must remember that Christ went to the cross voluntarily.  No one forced him.  He laid down his life.  He gave his hands to the Roman soldiers willingly to be nailed.  It was likely the first time they ever had to not force a prisoner on the cross.  He took the pain.  He took the suffering.  He took it for you. He took it for me. What a Saviour!

He laid down his life for his enemies.  We were enemies of God before we were saved.  Some people don’t like to admit that. Even when we were enemies he stilled called us friends.  He came to us and loved us unconditionally.  When we were dead spiritually in trespass and sin, Christ died for ungodly sinners.  The Bible says that he is a friend that sticks or stays by our side closer than any real physical brother.

So think about what the Lord has done for you today.  Your sins are gone, in the depths of the sea.  You have a home in heaven.  All of that because God’s Son came to earth 2000 years ago, was born of a virgin, suffered, bleed and died for you.  Your sins are gone in the depths of the sea.  He laid down his life more willingly and with greater sacrifice than any man ever gave.  Thank God!


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