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Hid in the Heart – Not Just the Mind

Psalms 119:11. Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

Hid In the Heart – Not Just in the Mind

The word of God needs to be hid in the heart, not just the mind.  It is good to memorize scripture when you are young and your mind is fresh.  It is far harder the older you get.  It is also a good habit to get into at an early age.  However, putting verses in your mind does not necessarily mean they get down into your heart.  That takes a conscious decision.  In order for the word of God to get into your heart, there has to be a desire to be holy.

Help From the Word to Live Holy

Getting God’s word in your heart will help you fight sin.  The heart is what makes the day-to-day decisions in your life.  If the desire to make good decisions is there, you will use the word of God to fight against sin.  You will want help from the word of God to overcome the flesh.  So hiding the word of God in your heart is not so much memorizing scripture as much as it is getting it down in your crawl and applying it to your life.  It is a verse or series of verses that you study and think about.  It is verses that become real to you as you struggle against a besetting sin.  That is when the word of God is hid in your heart.  It makes it so that it is hard to sin against God and easier to live and do right.

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