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Hide and Seek

Psalms 105:4 – Seek the Lord, and his strength: seek his face evermore.

Some people seek the blessings of the Lord.  Some seek his hand of help.  Others seek him to get them out of bad situations or trouble.  As little kids we would often play hide and seek.  We would purposely hide so others could not find us.  This verse here tells us to seek his face, not just once in a while but evermore.  God often hides his face from us so that we will earnestly seek him.  When we played hide and seek, we purposely tried to pick the best camouflage so we could not be seen.  God covers himself up pretty good so that we often have to work hard to find him.  He wants to make sure we really want him bad enough that we will stay at it just to get a short glimpse of His face.

When we look someone in the face and talk to them, it speaks of close fellowship and a desire to communicate.  When we seek the face of God, we are telling him nothing is more important than His fellowship.  When someone is not paying any attention to us when we are talking to them, we can usually tell by whether they are looking at us.  It is the same way with God.  He may not always have our undivided attention.  He can tell real quick when the shame of our unconfessed sin causes us to look at the floor rather than look him in the eye.

There is a saying, a man will always look someone right in the eye when he is dealing honestly.  When a mom tells a child to look her right in the eye and they can’t, something is wrong and it usually involves lying.  God’s strength comes from looking him right in the eye.  Our flesh tells us to go run and hide like Adam and Eve when we sin.  God wants us to always come boldly to the throne of grace to get help when we need it.  Can you think of a time when you need help more than when you have sinned and have shame in your heart?  Coming to the throne is the way of strength.

Also, when we are looking at God’s face all the time, we are less likely to get into sin.  He can keep an eye on us.  We are also in constant fellowship with the Father when we seek his face all the time.  We need to be in fellowship throughout the day.  God may hide his face from us but we need to seek it out.  Sometimes it is like a game of hide and seek with God.  He withdraws his face from us and we need to seek it out.  Let’s make sure we seek his face forever more.

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