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Investing in the Bank of Heaven

Proverbs 23:17. Let not thine heart envy sinners: but be thou in the fear of the Lord all the day long.

Envying Sinners

It can be easy, at times, to envy what sinners have.  They often seem to have more of this world’s goods.  But as you pull the layers of the onion back, you soon realize that even with what they do have, it is what they don’t have that really matters.  What they don’t have is the peace of God ruling in their heart.  They have no real comfort in this life.  Many times they have a life of destruction, with the effects of sin, destroying their families and bodies.  Because they choose not to fear God and obey His commandments, they suffer far beyond what mind can imagine.

Investing in the Bank of Heaven

We need to realize quickly the blessing it is of being a child of God.  We might not have much of this world’s goods.  We are investing in the kingdom of God, not the kingdoms of this world.  We know that money placed in the Bank of Heaven has dividends and interest that will not fail.  There are no loses with God’s investments.  Do you fear God all the day long?  It will help you not envy what sinners have.  They may have temporary pleasures, but they do not have the eternal pleasure of the Christian.

Focus on the Eternal

Try to focus your life on the eternal and not the temporary.  When you start to envy the lost and what they have, you are not thinking right.  The temporal only lasts for a while.  Always keep your heart and mind on heaven and the Saviour who bought you.  It is when we get too worried about the things of this life that we lose focus.  If we put God’s kingdom first, all of the other things of this world will be added to our lives in the right proportion.  It will be the right amount such that it will not take our heart away from God.  When you live a life that is pleasing to God, you will keep your focus on fearing God and keeping His commandments.

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