The Church That Cares For Your Soul

When Jesus Enters

Mark 3:1 – ​ And he entered again into the synagogue; and there was a man there which had a withered hand.

When Jesus enters any where, things start to happen.  Let me just go through a few.

  1. He Looked for Someone to Help – He looked for this man with a withered hand to try and help.  Are we looking for someone to help?  Are we attentive to the needs of those around us?  Do we shake a hand of a visitor at church?  Do we try and comfort a soul in distress?  Like Christ we need to be on the lookout to try and help.
  2. He Was Not Afraid of Confrontation – Christ was not afraid of the Pharisees.  He went right back at them.  I think sometimes he saved up his healing for every Saturday down at the local synagogue.  He did not walk away from confrontation with the self righteous and religious crowd, however, he always had plenty of compassion for sinners.
  3. He Always Gathered a Crowd – When Jesus walked into a place, a crowd gathered because they knew something exciting was going to happen.  Maybe the reason we don’t always see a lot of visitors at church is because there is not much exciting happening?  Revival fire is only produced by the Holy Ghost.  Maybe people need to see a church burn to draw a crowd.
  4. He Always Made Things Change – People went in sick and came out whole.  People entered with unbelief and come out believing.  People came  in happy and went out mad.  People came in mad and went out happy.  People can not remain unchanged in the presence of Christ.


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