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Proverbs 22:28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

Landmarks of Family Estates

A landmark or boundary marker lets us know something about the limits or edges of a piece of property.  Many times, in large family estates, it is possible that the boundary markers may go back many generations.  The land or estate is passed down generation after generation.  Those landmarks are still there, demarcating the edges and boundaries of that property.  Without those markers and landmarks staying put in the same spot, it would be hard to tell where the estate begins or ends.  Over time, the estate could possibly be getting smaller, and losing value. 

Landmarks of the Bible

Our Christian forefathers have laid down many landmarks for the life of the current generation of Christians.  We have inherited an estate of great Christian knowledge that has been gleaned from the Word of God.  We have access to some of the best Christian literature in the world, in the English language.  Go around the world and see what kind of books are available to the average Christian in most other languages.  We have a vast estate that has been laid out for us, found in the early English Bibles, the KJV, the Puritans, the Presbyterians, the Baptist, and many others.  We have great preachers from America and England that have spanned the globe, preaching and teaching God’s Word.  Missionaries have been sent throughout the world,  from English-speaking people.  They all laid down landmarks that we can use on this wonderful estate of Christian existence.

Landmarks of Christian Conviction

We should never move the landmarks.  There are many Christians who try to undo the great strides that have been accomplished in the growth and understanding of the Bible and the Christian life we have today.  We should be trying to make sure no one moves any landmarks, staying by convictions that have been passed down through the ages, developed from a great understanding and practical application of God’s Word.  If you saw someone moving your property marker or landmark, what would you do?  Probably call the police or try and stop him!  That is what we should do when we see someone trying to remove a landmark of convictions today.  We should not tolerate preachers that backup on God’s Word and are always trying to move the landmark back, making the estate larger and more comfortable.  That is only worldliness.  Don’t let anyone try to talk you into removing the ancient landmarks that our Christian forefathers have fought to put in place.  They worked long and hard to give us a wonderful understanding of God’s Word.  Make sure you keep the estate for the next generation or there will not be any estate left.

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