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Life Needs to Be Hard

Life Needs to Be Hard

Life needs to be hard.  If life was a bed of roses, you may never desire heaven and salvation.

Never look to have the way fairer and easier while you live. If you think heaven is offered you at too dear a rate now, you may even let it go, and try whether hell be better; for the next offer is like to be upon harder terms rather than easier. If you cannot now find in your hearts to turn and live a holy life, what would you have done in the days of the apostles, or ancient Christians.

Richard Baxter – The Practical Works of Richard Baxter – Vol. 8


1 Peter 4:12 – Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:

Strange Trials

The trials and problems of life are really a blessing in disguise.  They seem strange to us and we can’t always understood.  Fiery trials are strange.  If they were easy to understand, we could make it through life on our own.  But trials and tribulations often leave us with a lot of whys and how comes.  But the Word of God tells to NOT think these trials strange.  We need to know that the trials are ordained and planned by God.  God is still on the throne.  He is orchestrating things in your life.  Often He uses the devil to throw some fiery darts at us, but they are ordained and planned by the Lord.

Heaven is Best

We should not look to try and undo what God is doing when He sends fiery trials. Don’t try shift, squirm and wiggle your way out of God ordained trials.  Instead ask the Lord to take you through them.  We should not try and make things easier in this life.  Our easy life is in the next.  Our perfect life is in the next.  This life is one we need to give back to God and use as He pleases.  That includes trials and tribulations.  If heaven was cheap in this life, we may not value it as much.  Trials make heaven all that more valuable.  It shows how much more a place without trials is worth.  If we received heaven here on earth when we were saved, we would not long for that day.  Long for heaven today.  There is a crown for those who wait patiently for His appearing at the rapture.  What about you?  Is heaven more dear to you and of a high price?

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