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Not Knowing Where You Are Going

Living by faith often means not knowing where you are going.  We need to live a life of faith by obeying God.

Hebrews 11:8 By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went.

Living by faith often means not knowing where you are going.  When Abraham left , he was leaving mom, dad, houses, lands, and everything he had known for many years.  He just took off by faith to a place, not knowing where he was going.  That is what God has asked of us when we made a commitment to him.  We yielded our lives to him.  That means we may not know where we will end up.  Like Abraham, we may end up a long ways from where we grew up, away from family and friends, all with the purpose of doing what God has planned for our lives.  There are a few things we notice about Abraham in this lifelong journey he took.

A Faith

This journey is undertaken by faith.  The Bible says that without faith we cannot please God.  Faith is the substance of things hoped, the evidence of things not seen.  Faith is not something you can see.  It is based on the hopes and promises of the Word of God.  The first promise we need to undertake is salvation in Jesus Christ.

A Calling

After believing in Christ by faith, there is usually a calling.  It may not always be a call to preach.  There is a call to do something for any Christian.  It may be a calling to a local New Testament church.  It may be a calling to marry the person God wants you to marry.  It may be a calling to be a missionary.  It may be a calling to move somewhere to follow a man of God.  Regardless, every Christian has some kind of calling.  The apostle Paul talked about “your” calling, “an holy” calling, “this” calling and others.  Every Christian has a calling.  You need to figure out what your calling is and then do it.

An Obedience

We need to have obedience if we are ever going to inherit the promises of God.  If Abraham does not leave Mesopitamia, he does not get the promises of God.  We first need to obey the gospel and believe it by faith.  We then need to take a step of faith and trust the Lord with our life as we dedicate and consecrate it to him.

A Journey

We are on a journey through life as a Christian.  We do not know where we are going, who God will cross our path with, what minisitries we will perform or what trials we will face.  We do know that our Lord knows the way through the wilderness, all we have to do is follow.  That is easier said then done when human flesh is involved.  We often want to question God’s choices for our life.  But this is not our life anymore. This journey belongs to God.  You can trust the Lord on this journey to lead, guide and direct you.

An Inheritance

A Christian will have an inheritance that is eternal one day.  As a matter of fact, he owns that inheritance today, he is just waiting to receive it.  Part of that inheritance is a mansion in heaven that will not fall apart, need new windows, new carpet or get eaten by termites.  It will last forever.  The greatest inheritance that a Christian has is eternal life in Jesus Christ.  We are bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.  Thank God for salvation full and free.

Photo by Francis Vallance (Heritage Warrior)


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