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Only By Pride

Proverbs 13:10. Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.

Pride Drives To Do Stupid Things

There are many situations that cross our path in life.  How we deal with those situations shows our true character.  Pride can drive us to do some pretty stupid things at times.  We are trying to defend our honor or some noble thing we esteem important.  However, most of the time, it is just us being stubborn and wanting our way in a certain situation.  That is when the contention often starts.  Instead, it would be wiser to sit down and consider the facts.  When we are well advised in a situation, we can often make better decisions.  Life is full of options and compromises.  There is not always just one way to do something.  Your way is not the only way.  A well advised Christian is one who can yield to others, while at the same time, not compromising what is right.

A Wise Christian Can Let Other’s “Win”

A wise Christian is one who can let others “win”, while at the same time accomplishing the greater goal of getting the job done for the Lord.  You don’t always have to have your way.  The church is a group effort.  It is a “team” in the modern vernacular.  That team needs to work together.  A good leader learns to “herd the cats” and keep everyone going in the same direction.  Herding cats is not an easy task.  It would be a lot easier to herd sheep; unfortunately, most carnal Christians are more like cats.  Cats kind of have a mind of their own more often than not.  We need to work with what we have in life.  We don’t always have perfect people.  Often we need to let go of our own ways, and let others have their way just to keep peace; but only when the truth is not compromised.

Working Through Problems Takes Time

Much contention in the family could be done away with by listening and working through problems.  We don’t take the time or effort to try to be well advised before making decisions.  If we did, we could compromise and yield to others and come up with a better solution to many problems.  People feel a need to have their voice heard.  They want to be a part of the solution.  Listening is an important part to being a good leader.  Learning from others will help you.  We often have a much higher opinion of ourselves than we ought to.  You don’t always have all the answers.  Pride brings contention when we become stubborn and fail to yield.

A Sweet Spirit And Biting Your Tongue

A sweet spirit and biting your tongue, as you yield to the Holy Ghost, takes time and effort.  You truly need to have a walk with God for this to happen.  You need to yield to the Spirit and let the contention and strife go.  If we have Christ and his work on Calvary before us at all times, our own will and wants can be yielded at any time.  If we are trying to get brownie points, we don’t really care if God is pleased.  Pleasing God and having the sweet Spirit of God is most important.  Pride and contention always go hand in hand.  If there is contention in any situation, pride is likely not far behind.  If you are rebuked, do you take it right and admit your fault, or do you dig in and try to defend yourself?  A well advised person would let the Word of God tell them they are wrong and try to correct their behavior.

It Is Better To Do Right Than Be Right

You really do not need to win.  You need to be right with God.  It is always better to do right than be right, as Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. used to say.  Doing right always involves listening to the Spirit of God and putting self to the side.  This is especially true of leaders in the home, church, or business world.  We need to look for the good in everyone.  This life is not about you, it is about the righteousness of Christ being foremost in your life.  If that is the case, your own desires or wants do not matter.  You can take one for the team.  If you have constant strife and contention in your life, take an evaluation of your life and ask if you are easy to be entreated?  If not, you likely are full of pride and you need to get some Bible wisdom and become well advised so you can interact with people with a sweet, godly spirit.

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