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Temptations or God’s Will?

What some call providential openings, are often powerful temptations. The heart, in wandering, cries, ‘Here is a way opened before me!’ but, perhaps, not to be trodden, but rejected. – John Newton

Psalms 95:8. Harden not your heart, as in the provocation, and as in the day of temptation in the wilderness:

The Heart and Temptation

Discerning the will of God in a matter often comes down to a matter of the heart.  If the heart is worldly and fleshly, it will be easily tempted to do wrong.  What is really bad is when you think that the temptation to do wrong is God’s will for your life.  There has been many a Christian who has said God has lead them to do something, yet it is often exactly the opposite of godly counsel and the Word of God.  The temptation to do wrong can be powerful but that does not make it right.

Maintain a Walk With God or Be Tempted

The heart can wander away from God.  That is the time it is most susceptible to being led wrong.  It is important that we maintain a walk with God all the time, so that when temptation comes our way, to be lead astray, even in what seems to be a good way, we are not pulled down the wrong path.

The Devil Will Provoke You

The devil will provoke you sore to do wrong.  He will not give up.  He will use what seems to be good and logical reasons to lead you in his way.  When the Jews were in the wilderness and out of water and food, heading back to Egypt sure made a lot of sense.  When we harden our heart to God’s purpose of leading us through the wilderness, into Canaan, we will surely make the wrong decision.  We will go against the will of God for our lives to head through the wilderness so we can get to Canaan.  Don’t harden your heart and call something his will for your life when it is against his Word.  Reject the temptations that make the heart wander away from God, and trust God completely.

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