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The Battle of the Flesh and Mind

Romans 7:25 I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.

The Battle of the Flesh and Mind

The battle of the flesh and mind is where the true Christian should live.  If that battle is not going on inside of you today, then you have put up the flag of surrender and quit on God.  When you got saved, you became a new creature.  That old man died when it was crucified with Christ.  The problem is you need to “reckon” yourself to be dead indeed unto sin.

Reckon – . To reason with one’s self and conclude from arguments. – Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

As Christian’s we need to reason with the mind (one’s self) and conclude from the arguments given in the Bible that we have Jesus Christ’s righteousness when we were buried with him in his death.  We died the day we got saved.  The old man inside us was crucified.  That was the first step in the process of making the “new creature”.  The problem is the flesh still wants to serve the law of sin that wars in our members in that new creature.

Circumcision of the Flesh

The big thing that happened when you got saved was your soul was separated from your flesh when it was circumcised or cut away.  This was necessary so that your soul could be preserved and clean after Christ washed it in his blood (there is eternal security).  The soul now has a chance to serve God.  Before you were saved, the flesh and soul were attached to each other.  One could not operate without the other.  They were synchronized.  Whatever one did, the other had to do.  The flesh was the master in that case.  Now that you are saved, the two are separated, you have a chance at serving God in this life.  You still have to carry around that flesh everyday, but the mind or soul can now choose to serve God because it is no longer connected to the flesh.  The flesh or body can still talk to the mind or soul though not connected unfortunately.  That is where the battle of the flesh and mind happens every day.  The difference is the mind or soul is in the driver’s seat.  You just need to recognize it and tell that flesh who is in charge.  As a Christian, the battle of your life should be in Romans 6-8.  Maybe read it again today and let the battle begin!


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