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The Contented Man

1 Timothy 6:6 – But godliness with contentment is great gain.

“A proud man is never contented; he thinks so highly of himself that small blessings are disdained by him, and under small crosses he is impatient. The humble spirit is the contented spirit; if his cross be light, he reckons it in the inventory of his mercies; if it be heavy, he takes it on his knees— knowing “All things work together for his good.” Where humility is the foundation, contentment will be the superstructure.”

Excerpt From: Watson, Thomas. “Puritan gems; or, Wise and holy sayings of … Thomas Watson.” iBooks.

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The contented man is a humble man.  When we are not content, we show that we are proud.  Small or large blessings begin to mean nothing to us. We can only look at the bad in our lives.  Even little irritations throughout the day begin to annoy the proud man.  He is never satisfied.  He needs a humble spiritual.  But where does he get a humble spirit from?  It is not something the arm of the flesh can produce, though you may have tried.  It can only come from the Lord.  It is produced by getting a good look at yourself in the mirror of the Word of God.

Humbleness starts in the spirit.  Humbleness will not return a cross word or a foul mood when rendered against it.  It will take whatever is sent its way with patience.  When we look in the Word of God and see how Christ humbled Himself and took upon flesh, while being God, we too can say we have gotten way more than we deserve.  You need to take an inventory or count of the many blessings God has given you on a daily basis.  You need to thank the Lord for all of them.  Then when trials try comes your way, you will be able to take it patiently without getting upset.  Once you begin to see yourself as always getting more mercy than you deserve, you now have a foundation on which to build a content man.

A contented man takes a life time to build.  It is against the natural man.  You really don’t have any rights.  You gave them up when you got saved.  Anything God gives you is more than you deserve.  What you really deserve is hell.  Are you a contented man or woman?  As the verse says, if it is done with godliness, it is a great gain in the sight of God.

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