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The Dayspring

Luke 1:78 Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us,

The Dayspring

The dayspring from on high is Jesus Christ.  The dayspring is the beginning of the day or the first appearance of light in the morning according to the Webster’s 1828 dictionary.  We commonly call it sunrise.  The first real light this world ever saw was 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ appeared in the form of human flesh.  Yes, man has seen physical light for thousands of years but has been in spiritual darkness.  When you see the sun rise after a very dark night and you did not have a lamp or candle, you would greatly appreciate the light of the morning.  That is the way it should be when Jesus Christ comes into your heart and life.  It is like when a blind man sees for the first time.

Through the Tender Mercy of God

It is through the mercy of God that he reveals himself to us.  If you have had the gospel work in your heart, that is the greatest gift of God you could ever get.  Do you know how many people have had the gospel preached to them and never responded?  The light came in but they did not recognize it.  It did them no good.  The dayspring or first light appeared to my soul over 28 years ago and I praise God for it.  I was saved out of darkness when the marvelous light of the gospel showed itself on my undeserving soul. That is the tender mercy of God.  The dayspring visited me when I never deserved it.  Thank God!


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