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The Enticement of This World

Proverbs 1:10 My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.

The Enticement of This World

The world tries to entice and pull you toward sin.  We are to resist the world and resist sinners that try to entice us.  The world will to evil allure you.  It wants you to go down.  The devil is relentless, and his children will constantly try to get you to agree, and consent to their evil ways.  We cannot agree or go along with the world at all.  We must resist.  When a sinner tries to entice or allure, he makes sin look good.  He does not show the bad, only the good.  The devil uses the same trick.  He does not show the drunk on the street.  He just shows all the fun and parties.  In the end, it only leads to death and destruction.

Yielding to the Spirit of God

It is easy to give into sin.  It takes the Spirit of God, living inside of us, to overcome sin and its effects.  We have a power given to us, when we are saved, that is greater than any power in this universe.  We can have the victory over sin if we so choose to.  We have to yield only to the Holy Ghost and let him rule in our heart.  When that happens, you do not have to consent or give into sin, or the enticements of the world.  Sin has a very strong hold on this body of flesh.  It will never quit.  The power of sin and of the flesh only grows stronger the older you get.  Don’t let this world entice you to do wrong.  Yield to the power of God’s Spirit inside of you.  When you do that, you can overcome the enticement of this world.


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