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The Greatest House Ever Built

Hebrews 3:4 For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God.

The Great Pyramids

We look at some structures and buildings and wonder in awe at them. The Great Pyramids were built in Egypt, not by one man, but rather by what was likely thousands of men. It took great engineering and skill to get those large rocks up the sides of that building. It would be hard even in modern times making such a structure, let alone, with primitive machines and devices. Every building has a master builder, a chief architect, or a chief engineer.  Someone has to have a vision for the whole, as well as, understanding how the pieces fit together.  He understands how the building will function and its ultimate purpose in design.

The Greatest House Ever Built

Jesus Christ and God the Father built this entire universe.  But the greatest feat, the greatest building ever built by God was this–when He sent his only begotten Son to earth, took on the form of human flesh, and then build the church of the living God.  You and I, the body of Christ, the fellowship of the saints, the true born-again believers, the church; that is the greatest house ever built.  It is far greater than the pyramids.  When Christ destroyed the temple in three days, by his death, he raised up the church of the living God in its place.  That church is not a building you can touch.  They did not even have church buildings in the Roman Empire until 200-300 A.D.  They couldn’t have them because the Romans had forbidden it.  The greatest house ever built is the church of the living God.


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