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The Lord is My Light

Psalms 27:1 A Psalm of David. The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

The Lord is My Light

The Lord is my light.  When the Lord is your light, He provides guidance and direction in your life.  He is allowed to show you the way you should go.  When we let the Lord make the choices and decisions for us, it removes the fear of man.  You can almost live a life that is free of care.  If we seek his kingdom first, God takes care of the things of this world for us.  The reason for that is pretty simple.  The Lord wants our focus to be on him and not the world.  If we take care of the things of God in our life, the Lord sees that the things of this world are taken care of for us so it does not become a distraction to us.  The Christian might not have much in this world, but he really does not care.  He is laying up treasures on the other side.  He is trading a life of 70-80 years for an eternal life.  That is a pretty good exchange!

The Lord is My Strength

The Lord should be your strength too.  You should not depend on your own strength.  First of all, He did all the work in saving you.  You can do nothing of your own to get yourself to heaven.  Why would you try and do anything else that is far less in this life without Him?  Some would say you are just being lazy depending on the Lord for everything.  The Lord is your strength, but you are the one He puts in motion.  You need to not move out until you get the direction of the Lord.  Sometimes the direction is pretty simple.  You need to be a witness, love your brothers and sisters in Christ, etc.  You need the Lord to enable you to do whatever the task is at hand.  Acknowledge Him and everything and let Him know you need His help.  You cannot do it in the flesh, or at least do it very good.  The Lord is my light and strength.  Are you fully dependent on Him today?
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