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The Mind of the Spirit

Romans 8:27. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

God Knows Your Heart

God knows what is on our hearts.  A lot of the time it is bad, though it’s not always purposeful.  We need God’s Spirit to make intercession for us.  We don’t always know what God’s will is for our life, but we don’t need to necessarily.  The Holy Ghost knows what is right and will guide and direct your prayers.  When someone intercedes on your behalf, they take care of working out the details.  We need to get the mind of God from His Word and try to pray according to the Bible as much as we can.  However, there are a lot of decisions in life that do not have a direct Bible answer.  We still need to seek God and get His direction.

Let God Search Your Heart

Let God search your heart and try you.  You need to get cleaned up every day.  Keep short sin accounts.  Confess your sin regularly and keep your heart right with God.  When God searches your heart, he will find things that need correction.  Let Him do just that.  Let the Spirit of God help you to overcome this wicked flesh.  The first place you should let God try you is as you read your Bible each day.  Let the word sink into your heart and try your thoughts and decisions.  Next, you should let the preaching of God’s word try you.

The Mind of the Spirit

The Spirit of God has his own mind.  Your heart and mind are often contrary to the mind or thoughts of God.  We need the mind of God in all of our decisions.  Getting on the same page as God is important.  Let God guide and direct you as you get into the word.  You need the influence of the word to be stronger than the influences of the world.  That will only happen if you read more Bible than you do other things.  If you let the world put its thoughts into your mind throughout the day, it will be hard to have the mind of God.

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