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The Presence of God in the Church

Psalms 26:8. Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth.

Do you love the house of God?  Many today consider going to church a drudgery.  Some of that may be well placed.  If I had to go to a dead, religious church, I might not love church.  If you can’t enjoy church, you need to get where there is some good preaching.  David said he loved the habitation of God’s house.  That meant he loved God’s house because God dwelt there.  If you go to church and God does not show up, there is not much use going.  Having the presence of God in a church service is what makes it worth while.  We need the touch of God on every church service.

Many do not go to church expecting God to show up.  They do not pray for the man of God.  They do not long for God’s presence. They do not want revival.  It is important that we seek God and his presence in our church services.  David loved when God showed up at the house of God.

Church is where God’s honor dwells.  We show our honor of the Lord when we worship and praise him.  The song service is the first place you should show your love and honor for the Lord.  Encouraging your preacher with a good, hardy, “Amen” honors God, too.  Do you still love the house of God?  Try to be prepared to worship Him the next time you go.  It may help with having the presence of the Lord in your church service.

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