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The Pride of Life

1 John 2:16 – For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

The pride of life is not a good thing for the saved or the lost.  I have noticed when witnessing to people about the Lord, the older they get, the harder they get to the gospel.  There is a progression in the sins of the flesh as one grows older.  It starts out in the youth with the lust of the flesh.  America glorifies sensuality and every kind of immorality.  It starts with a touch and heads down hill quickly.  The Bible says it is not good for a man to touch a woman.

After the lust of the flesh the sins get worse because they push the soul farther from God.  When the lust of the eyes set in, this begins the path whereby man thinks he is doing pretty good on his own.  He sees something and he buys it.  His toys become bigger and bigger.  Pretty soon he has figured out how to do fine on his own.  He has pulled himself by the boot straps.  The devil has him doing great without God.  He will even go to church and start to incorporate God into his life but not into his heart.  He is religious.  When asked if he is saved, he can unequivocally say “I go to church every Sunday.”

About midlife the pride of life starts to become dominant.  He has gotten so used to working his life without reference to God, he gets offended or quickly changes the subject when someone starts to have a serious conversation about God.  Pride has made him satisfied with his home, his retirement or any other achievement he has made.  Little the little, the devil has strung him along and now he has him.  It will take a miracle for him to get saved.  That is not a good situation to be in.  I feel sorry for older people who are held captive by their pride and cannot feel the weight of their sin and a need of a Saviour.  They have pasted the point of having any kind of spiritual feeling.  They are dead in trespasses and sin.

The Bible makes it clear that today is the time to get saved.  No one was ever saved tomorrow in the Bible.  Most people that get saved are saved at a young age, usually in their teens or early 20’s.  After that it becomes harder and harder as pride starts to build.  It amazes me how strong pride is when someone is dealt with about their soul.  They are always “okay” or “happy with their religion.”  One thing they don’t have is eternal life and the peace of the Holy Ghost.  I am so glad the Lord dealt with me and drew me in my 20’s before I was totally destroyed by pride.  When someone does get saved late in life, there is a lot to overcome.  Making a decision to get saved is almost impossible if you have been lied to by a false religion your whole life.  It has become a part of you.  God must supernaturally deal with anyone to draw them so they can make a decision.  That is especially true when the pride of life has set in.  Come to the Lord today if you are holding back.  Don’t let the pride of life stop you.


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