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The Time is Come

The Time is Come

The time is come that we as God’s people must be ready for judgment.  The place is God’s house, the church.

1 Peter 4:17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

The Time is Come

The time is come that we as God’s people must be ready for judgment.  The place is God’s house, the church.  God’s church has been playing tiddlywinks for long enough.  The churches in America have definitely gone down hill in the last 20-30 years since I have been saved.  There are still a few good churches out there though.  If revival is going to happen in America, or any where for that matter, it is going to have to start with faithful Christians.  It will not be in these mega churches.  As Brother Havner used to say, you don’t start a fire with the big log, you start it with kindling.  You need to start a fire with those that are already doing something.  If you are faithful and have a walk with God, try and encourage others to live for God.

God’s House

Jugdment will soon begin with us.  In reality, God’s judgment of His people was always an act of mercy in the Old Testament.  He was trying to get his people right.  The heathen in the Old Testament he just killed.  We need to take advantage of God trying to work on His people and willingly submit to God’s hand in trying to get His backsliden church right.  The time has certainly come.  Just like God wanted His people to willingly go into captivity and avoid being killed, many of His people choose the later out of pride in not wanting to listen to God’s prophets but rather listen to the world’s prophets.  We need to judge sin in our own lives.  Revival always begins at a personal level.

The Heathen

Judgment ultimately ends with the heathen.  When God tries to get His people right, ultimately the heathen are not far behind.  God does not judge the heathen in mercy though.  They just get what is coming to them.  The Great Tribulation will be on us eventually.  At that point, God is going to dump out 6000 years of pent up anger on this wicked old world.  It is not going to be good for “planet earth.”  The environmental wackos are not going to like what will happen.  It will make global warming look like a good thing.  This earth is going to get so messed up in the process, God will need to do a massive cleanup before the Millennium.  This final judgment will also have as its purpose getting the Jew right with God.  Often heathen just get wacked in the process.  If you are not saved, you need to get off God’s heathen judgment list.  It is not looking good for you!

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