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The Times of Refreshment

Acts 3:19 – Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;

At the last day, all these fears, diffidence, and darkness, will be quite removed out of our hearts. There shall be no more disturbance in our souls, than there can be corruption in the highest heavens. We shall then have such a gourd as no worm can devour. Our souls shall not then know the meaning of sitting in darkness, and wanting God’s favour. There will then be no complaints, Why hath the Lord forsaken me? Well may God’s children be called upon to lift up their heads, when such a ‘redemption draweth nigh;’ and well may that day be called ‘the times of refreshment,’ seeing the people of God are so often scorched with the fiery darts of Satan.

Anthony Burgess

There is coming a day when God is going to remove all the fears and darkness from our heart once and for all.  The times of refreshment will be when we enter heaven and put away this corrupt old man. We will have a glorified body like his.  When you got saved, you got eternal life in your soul.  Your flesh is still corrupt and will draw you down. On the other side, we won’t even think about the corruptions and problems of this life because they cannot be in God’s presence.  We may sit in darkness now and at times doubt whether we are really even saved because of the corrupt things that pass through our heart and mind.  But over there, we will have no sorrows.  There cannot be any complaints or worries in heaven.

There will be refreshment or refreshing in heaven. It will be restful when we see Him face to face.  Our body will be changed.  Because of a repentance toward sin and a faith in Jesus Christ, you were born again and obtained eternal life.  There was a conversion of your soul from a soul dead in trespasses and sin to a live soul that is now seated in heavenly places while still connected to a dying flesh.  That conversion from a dead soul to a live soul will carry you home to heaven.  When you get there, you will be refreshed and rejuvenated.  That comes with salvation and it is all you need.

We may not be in the millienum when the times of refreshing will occur but if you are saved, you can live in the presence of God.  Turn to Him today if you are not saved.  If you are saved, then quit blaming others for your problems.  Trust Him today with your whole life.

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