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The True Light

John 1:9. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

Jesus Christ is the true Light that came into the world.  He can light every single man, woman, boy, and girl.  He provides that light through the word of God, and when he comes into the heart, by faith.  It is not just light, but true Light.  Light is the absence of darkness.  When Christ comes in, sin goes out.  The depression and darkness, that sin causes, also goes out.  It is replaced by the joy of the Holy Ghost.  We can have happiness and peace that only the light of God can provide.

Light rejected becomes lightning.  When a sinner refuses the light of the word of God, he then incurs the wrath of God on his life.  He that believeth not is condemned already.  This verse says that the light of God provided by Christ lights every single man and woman that comes into the world.  That would seem to indicate that everyone has a chance to get saved.  Everyone has the light of the gospel in their life to some extent, including the heathen all over this world.

We need to take the light of the word of God and let it illuminate our heart each and everyday.  We need to let it show us the sin and the bad in our lives so that we can get it out.  We need to let the light deal with us.  We need to let the light show us how to grow.  We need to let the light change us.  Even for the Christian, refusing the light can be dangerous.  When we refuse the light, God’s next option is chastisement.  I would rather get right by the rebuke of the preacher than by the chastisement of the rod of God.  Let the true Light of Jesus Christ deal with your heart today.

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